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We’ve put together lots of useful tips on managing your usage.

Instead of speed restriction slowing you down once you’ve reached your monthly limit, you will now be re-directed to the QINIQ website (at full speed) and presented with a page that will give you the option of purchasing additional usage.

We know that many of our customers will be sad to see the old system go, but we also had a significant number of users who were frequently irritated by the fact that their internet was slow to the point that it made purchasing excess usage difficult (particularly during peak hours). For those folks, this change will actually be a big improvement!

Another factor in our decision was the way in which speed restriction would function over LTE. Due to the nature of the technology, the slowest speed we could’ve provided to customers would’ve been 3x as fast as current speed restriction. While this might initially sound like a good thing, all of the extra traffic would’ve caused slower speeds for EVERYONE who was not yet speed restricted. One of our primary goals has always been that every subscriber should have fair and equal access to the network, and as so in order to ensure that the network stays healthy we decided it was time to retire this feature.

Yes, the LTE Gateway available during launch will come with a built in WiFi router.

To ensure that we are able to maintain the highest quality of service on the network, we are only allowing LTE devices sold by QINIQ to be connected at this time.

Unfortunately, unlimited usage is not a sustainable proposition for any network provider, even those using terrestrial fibre in the south. Every network has capacity limits, and allowing unlimited usage ultimately leads to network congestion and poor quality of service. As a result, we ensure network usage on the QINIQ network is properly managed to ensure all customers benefit from fair and equal access, and the highest quality of service.

Yes. You can use your LTE Gateway in any Nunavut community where QINIQ is offering the LTE service.

The LTE Gateway devices available at launch are not configured for roaming outside of the QINIQ network. However, our new mobile network services, once launched, will support roaming across Canada and internationally.

As a special thank you to all of our loyal QINIQ customers we are offering free activation for the first 6 months! New customers will be required to pay an activation fee when they activate a LTE Gateway.

The LTE Gateway has an integrated router and WiFi access point, so there is no need to use additional hardware. We do not recommend using two routers at the same time, as that can lead to reduced performance caused by signal interference. But, it is technically possible if you really want to!