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I appreciate Qiniq because I am currently taking an NTEP program and using the Internet has helped me a whole lot. From finding a definition for a word to finding examples of anything and everything to do with education, I would use the Internet for guidance. That, I am very grateful for. It has also helped me with connecting with family and friends. It is so convenient to have Internet, so I appreciate you Qiniq!
Kristen Eetoolook – TALOYOAK

With the high cost of living in the north we can’t afford airline tickets as much as we want to visit family/friends it is great way to stay connected with the ones you love and to see their pictures and videos otherwise you would have a hard time getting access to. It is also nice and convenient to see and hear what is going on in your community and the other cities/towns in the north to feel a connection and to feel included.
Donna Makayak – RANKIN INLET

Video chatting with family when on medical leave

Buying kids’ clothes online that are not available in remote communities

Sharing memories and photos

Thanks Qiniq for ever keeping up to date with family, I was so great full when my common laws mother got sick and I was at college and was able to keep in touch, in seconds we found out about her bad health and was able to book our tickets back home.

I enjoy every moment I wake up to get closer to my family who live all over Nunavut, it’s so much easier to connect to them now and thanks to you I’m able to read my catholic faith from the moment I wake and reread again when going to bed.

From finding out who have gone to rest and to find out who just entered this world, thanks Qiniq, you are number one for me and my family.

Thanks to you I’m able to play my slot games to watch with my 1 years old grandson’s favourite song Nagligivagit Betrice Deer. Thanks Qiniq.
Maryanne Kigligsiq Issakiark – RANKIN INLET

I’m sure if Qiniq hadn’t been part of Nunavut, I would not have gotten all of the opportunities of being successful, because as we look through the Internet, we may find such things as jobs, programs and meeting new people that may better our future; if it hadn’t been for this company I may not have found these opportunities that have helped me better my future; thanks to Qiniq me and many other people may be successful in finding jobs, meeting new people or maybe just learning something new! And I hope others will take advantage of that to be successful!

Thank you Qiniq for making life easy to connect in or out of Nunavut, Qiniq is a big changer for us and also educational, helpful, and entertainment for families and friends, hope to hear news on Facebook in the near future from Qiniq. Thank you for lighten our territory up.
Peter Qayutinuak Junior – TALOYOAK

Sheet of ice

Qiniq made a difference because I get to shop online, and makes things a lot easier. Lets me stay connected with family, near and far. Also keeps me connected with friends I haven’t seen in over ten years. Also Qiniq made a difference, because I get to share memories, pics ETC with family as they’ve never met my children before. I also got to use Qiniq to try get my grade 12 diploma 😀 will be continuing in November. Thank you Qiniq!
Samantha B. Qingnaqtuq – GJOA HAVEN

I don’t like Qiniq I love it. Qiniq helps you order things online what you don’t have at the stores, and I pay bills online so I won’t be behind on bill payments oh yeah and I keep in touch with family and friends million miles away from home. Thanks a lot Qiniq. Your customer
Tanya Nuliayuk Aviliayuk Qayaqsaaq – KUGAARUK

Qiniq has help people communicate with family members that are away for school, medical and meeting and keep in touch with family that live in different community, this make it so much easier for families which family is so much important in Nunavut and living in Nunavut everything is very expansive which make it so much easier to have Qiniq. Thank you Qiniq for your service.
Helen Sikkuark Niptayok – KUGAARUK

Qiniq has made my life a lot easier when on medical leave for a long periods of time, we are now able to video chat in real time with family who are home & makes medical travel that much more bearable. Makes it easier on everyone back home with real time video chat. Thank you Qiniq for all you have done for me and my family.
Keith Pudnak – BAKER LAKE

Connecting with family and friends

Finding jobs, programs and meeting new people

Education… Using the Internet for guidance

Thank you so very much Qiniq. I live away from family so it is great to always know they are doing or what not. It helps me with looking for jobs. It helps me with friends from far away. It have help me with everything. From clothes to foods, thank you once again.
Candy Ivalutanar – NAUJAAT

Qiniq has made a huge difference in my life. I connect with family and friends from different communities and from down south. I also use it to online order for my kids because I live in a remote community where there’s hardly any choices of clothes and outer wear. Thank you Qiniq for making that possible.
Priscilla Curley – HALL BEACH

Because of Qiniq I have new and old friends to be connected to. I remember when I joined Qiniq I had more knowledge by being curious and researching anything because of Qiniq helps you get connected to the world the world we never known before.
Caity Tulurialik – KUGAARUK

Shopping and Paying Bills Online