Device Comparison

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SSi Mobile Devices

  • Polaroid Link A2  /  ZTE Z223
  • These ultra-affordable flip phones are ideal for those who mostly want to make phone calls – great for anyone who is not interested in using data on their phone. The phones supports call waiting and call display, and have Bluetooth for connecting to an earpiece and using the phone while driving.

  • Samsung Galaxy J1
  • This is an entry-level smartphone that allows users to make calls, use data and take photos. A slender, respectable looking Android, the J1 is perfect for those who need an affordable smart phone to communicate, get online and do everything from emailing to online banking.

  • Motorola E5 Play
  • This entry-level Android phone is a solid, budget-friendly phone that is easy to use and provides an excellent first phone experience. The design is simple, clean and attractive. Although not classified as a “rugged” phone, it does have a water repellent coating and can easily handle life’s spills and accidents. Overall, the E5 Play offers a compelling value thanks to its low price and strong delivery on all the smartphone basics.

  • Motorola G5
  • This mid-range Android smartphone offers excellent value for the cost when compared with higher end phones. The display resolution and camera are excellent, with tech reviews consistently rating the G5 as one of the best value-for-money smartphones on the market. G5 owners have been very happy with this rugged, reliable smartphone.

Polaroid Link A2
Talk and Text
ZTE Z223
Talk and Text
Samsung Galaxy J1
Smartphone (Android)
Motorola E5 Play
Smartphone (Android)
Motorola G5
Smartphone (Android)
Display (Screen Size) 1.8 inch 2.0 inch 4.3 inch 5.2 inch 5.0 inch
Resolution (more pixels=higher resolution) 160×120 pixels 176×220 pixels 480×800 pixels 1280 x 720 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels
Camera 640 x 480 pixels 640 x 480 pixels 5 Megapixels 8 Megapixels 13 Megapixels
Storage 128 MB 128 MB 4GB 16GB 16GB
Wifi No No Yes Yes Yes
LTE Data No No Yes Yes Yes
Processor NA NA 1.3 GHz Quad Core 1.4 GHz Octa-core 1.4 GHz Octa-core
Body features Flip phone, black Flip phone, black body Slender smartphone, black body Smartphone with water repellent coating, slick fingerprint scanner, black body Smartphone with water repellent coating, slick fingerprint scanner, black body